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  • Bare Bones Organic Rosemary & Lemon Bone Broth 16oz
  • Think Outside The Box 16 Ounce Organic Bone Broth Bare Bones Rosemary And Lemon
  • Bare Bones Organic Rosemary & Lemon Bone Broth From Pasture Raised Chicken Bones Nutrition Facts Ingredients 20 Grams Protein 8 Grams Collagen Slow Simmer Gluten Free Paleo Whole30 Approved
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Bare Bones Organic Rosemary & Lemon Bone Broth 16oz

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After you've compiled the right ingredients, real bone broth takes a whole day to make. Keep in mind, the nutrition in bone broth is only as good as the ingredients you use—fresh organic herbs, spices, vegetables, bones and cartilage from pasture raised animals—these all are vitally important and can often be costly to come by or difficult to find.

Bare Bones Organic Rosemary and Lemon Bone Broth is made from only 100% real food ingredients! Pasture raised chicken bones, wholesome veggies, fragrant rosemary and other savory seasonings, along with fresh squeezed lemon juice create this delicate balance of invigorating herbs, bright citrus, and stimulating garlic notes making it a great addition to your healthy eating lifestyle, supporting overall wellness.

Besides being wholesome and delicious, it's full of ingredients essential to life. Thanks to a low and slow simmer process that naturally and gently extracts and protects the contained nutrients, the rich offering of collagen, protein, amino acids, and other natural compounds are given greater bioavailability—making them easier for your body to absorb and use!

This versatile, gluten free, and Whole30 approved lemon and rosemary rich chicken bone broth is shelf stable and great to keep in your pantry. It's soothing and satisfying when heated for sipping. You can use it in place of water, stock, or regular broth in recipes for added flavor and increased health benefits.

  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • No MSG
  • No Sugar Added
  • Dairy Free
  • Paleo and Keto Friendly
  • No Hormones or Antibiotics Chicken
  • No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

INGREDIENTS: Water, Organic Chicken Bone Broth (Organic Chicken Bones, Organic Chicken Necks, Organic Chicken Feet, Organic Onions, Organic Carrots, Organic Celery, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Bay Leaves), Organic Chicken Broth, Gelatin, Sea Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Spices, Organic Lemon Oil.

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Customer Reviews

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Ready for soup

These barebones broths are such a great base for making soup with fresh vegetables. Very flavorful

flavorful organic broth

glad this came back in having these in our pantry for wholesome soup making. some days we just heat the broth and drink it straight. mmm!

Autumn Stokes

Rosemary & lemon are a PERFECT flavor combo & so nutritious!! 😍