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Reusable Frusack Knit Food Storage Bags Yellow Duo Pack
Two Yellow Frusack Reusable Storage Bags
Frusack Eco-Friendly Food Storage Bags In Yellow Keep Fresh Foods Fresh
2 Yellow Drawstring Frusack Bags Eco-Conscious Plastic Free Washable Food Storage Bags
Eating Fresh Food Snacks Outside On Picnic Table Using Frusack Yellow Bags
Garden Fresh Green Peas And Little Wild Strawberries On Picnic Table With Yellow Frusack Plastic Free Bag
Organic Tomatoes And Fresh Breads With Frusack Storage Bag In Yellow
Yellow Drawstring Frusack Bags Packed In Suitcase Luggage Holding Cosmetics And Toiletries Great For Travel

Reusable Frusack Knit Food Storage Bags - Yellow Duo Pack

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Being eco-conscious is a healthful and helpful lifestyle. Little every day actions make a big difference and you can finally say goodbye to plastic while keeping your fresh foods fresh using Frusack multi-purpose, breathable bags.

The perfect companion for shopping your local grocery store, farmer's market, or even storing the weekly delivery of your organic produce items in the refrigerator. Made in Europe from only healthy, organic, eco-friendly materials—these bags not only can hold over seven pounds, they're machine washable, and compostable too!

These light, transparent, earth friendly bags are made of compostable PLA (polylactic acid) based technical fabric with colorful yellow strings made of viscose (based on cellulose). For longer life and maximum use, they should not be left in direct sunlight or temperatures above 95 degrees for extended periods of time. Say goodbye to plastic and enjoy shopping, traveling, storing, and organizing—plastic free!

  • Set of Two White Frusak Bags with Yellow String Closures
  • Machine wash on cool gentle cycle or dishwasher top rack no heat setting
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight or temps above 95F for extended periods
  • Bags are each: 12.6"x12.6" square
  • Load capacity per bag: 7.7 pounds
  • Sustainable, Washable, Eco-friendly

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