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Jim's Organic Coffee French Roast Whole Bean 11oz
Jim's Certified Organic Coffee Brewing Tips French Roast Whole Bean
Organic Coffee Grown With Patience From Farm To Roast To Brew Jim's Organic French Roast Coffee
We All Love Coffee Jim's Notes On French Roast Bag
Happy Woman Laughing In Pink Pajamas Sitting In Sunlight With Cup Of French Roast Organic Coffee
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Jim's Organic French Roast Whole Bean Coffee Is Artisan Roasted
USDA Certified Organic French Roast Coffee Jim's Brand

Jim's Organic Coffee French Roast Whole Bean 11oz

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Jim’s Organic Coffee

This intense coffee blend is made primarily with Central American beans. It's then carefully roasted so that the beans begin to "sweat" a bit—this is when the oils start to be released and those beautiful beans shine slightly.

What happens next is over time the oils continue to be released and you get the lustrous, shiny, dark roast look. While French roast coffee is pretty classic in itself, this organic version from Jim's includes an element from outside Central America that adds delightfully to this favorite.

What are the taste results? Quintessentially big, full, dark, and flavorful. From the organic farmer growing flavorful beans, to the artisan roaster ensuring each batch hits the perfect roast notes, to you—happily at home, brewing the perfect cup every time, and savoring each delightful sip.

  • Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO

INGREDIENTS: Organic Ground Coffee.

Looking for the organic French Roast ground version?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Does this come in a 100 lb bag?

Asking for a friend. Just kidding, that friend is me, and I love this French roast. I go through an embarrassing amount of these fantastic beans! Absolutely perfect organic coffee!

Kathrynn Garnier
☕ Morning MUST Have! ☕

To quote the advertising jingle: the best part of waking actually Jim's French roast in your cup! 😆👍

My Fav

We bulk buy this and are totally in love with the bean’s roast and richness!!!

The BEST ☕️

One word: Mmmm

Whole bean, whole perfect coffee taste.

Sipping freshly ground French roast as I write this review. It’s dark, just the right burnt and not light roast flavor. Deep, delicious, and exactly what early mornings call for.