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Jim's Organic Coffee Happy House Blend Whole Bean 12oz
Jim's Certified Organic Coffee Brewing Tips Happy House Blend Whole Bean
Organic Coffee Grown With Patience From Farm To Roast To Brew Jim's Organic Happy House Coffee
We All Love Coffee Jim's Notes On Happy House Blend Bag
Light Roast Frothy Coffee Enjoyed At Home Jim's Happy House Organic
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Jim's Organic Happy House Whole Bean Coffee Blend Is Artisan Roasted
USDA Certified Organic Happy House Coffee Jim's Brand

Jim's Organic Coffee Happy House Blend Whole Bean 12oz

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Jim’s Organic Coffee

Much like a happy household that's always getting better—as new coffee bean crops come and grow, (uh sorry, we mean come and go) Jim's Happy House blend is constantly evolving.

Though often changing, but always masterfully blended, brewing up a pot of this organic light roast will add happiness to your household's coffee routine.

What are the taste results? Complex, yet clean and chipper with woody, floral, milk chocolate notes. From the organic farmer growing flavorful beans, to the artisan roaster ensuring each batch hits the perfect roast notes, to you—happily at home, brewing the perfect cup every time, and savoring each delightful sip.

  • Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO

INGREDIENTS: Organic Whole Bean Coffee.

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Customer Reviews

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Housewarming Gift Idea!

We put together a “congratulations on your new home” housewarming present basket for a couple and this happy house coffee was the perfect addition!


Home is where the best coffee brews. And Happy House makes for a home full of happy people sipping coffee - even if it is early morning.