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  • Laird Superfood Instafuel Unsweetened 8oz
  • A cup of Instafuel that's unsweetened is a perfect energy boost to your morning.
  • Laird Instafuel is free from anything artificial and is real clean food.
  • Laird Instafuel Unsweetened back of bag and nutritional powder.
  • 8oz Unsweetened Instafuel from Laird nutritional facts.
  • Make it iced and cool down with Laird Instafuel with no sugar.
  • Just coconut and coffee make for a great pair packed with nutrition in Laird Instafuel.
  • No sugar, no dairy, no colors, and no chemicals for a clean energy boost.
  • Stir up some Instafuel by just adding hot water.
  • Add a good sized spoonful and you're getting top notch micronutrients.
  • Pour over the hot water and blend well for a easy to make morning brew.
  • Premium coffee, coconut milk powder, and Aquamin provide calcium and healthy MCTs.
  • Enjoy the ocean or any morning with a cup from Laird.
  • Laird Instafuel Unsweetened is vegan, keto, dairy free, non-GMO nutrition at its finest.
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Laird Superfood Instafuel Unsweetened 8oz

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Whip up a delicious robust latte at home, on the go, or on the road with this pure, convenient, and ready-in-an-instant Whole30 friendly superfood drink!

The world's most popular type of coffee, arabica, is freeze-dried to preserve its freshest flavor and these bright coffee notes blend smoothly with the nutrient rich coconut milk for a decadent drink powder with no added sugar.

Dairy free, yet delightfully creamy—thanks to coconut milk and naturally occurring MCTs—Laird Superfood Instafuel creates a smooth and satisfying superfood coffee latte full of calcium, iron, and potassium. Simply add the unsweetened drink powder to hot water and mix. Then sip and enjoy. Perfect for camping and travel, it's a natural power up to keep you energized and smiling as you conquer the day!

  • Full Range of All Four MCTs: C6, C8, C10, C12
  • No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives
  • Non-GMO
  • Dairy Free
  • Keto and Paleo Friendly
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Milk Powder, Freeze-Dried Arabica Coffee, Auqamin (Calcium From Marine Algae), Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut)

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