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  • Salento Organics Yellow Pitaya Chips 3.5oz
  • Organic Dried Pitaya Chips Salento Organics Fruit Snack Yellow Dragonfruit
  • Single Ingredient Healthy Fruit Snack Salento Organic Dragonfruit Yellow Pitaya Nutrition Facts
  • Salento Organics Dried Fruit Snacks Are Only 1 Ingredient Certified Organic Sustainably Sourced Guaranteed Fair Trade Food
  • Terra Powders Organic Dragonfruit Exotic Yellow Pitaya Snack Food
  • Salento Organics Says In Fruit We Trust Healthy Snack Food From Real Fruit Snacks
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Salento Organics Yellow Pitaya Chips 3.5oz

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Grown in rare cactus trees under the warm sun, Salento yellow dragonfruits are gently harvested at peak ripeness and then carefully dried to maintain maximum nutrients and their natural fruity flavor. From snacking right out of the bag, topping smoothies, or adding to recipes—dried organic pitaya is ripe for the snack time picking.

Salento Organics feels that humans have lived for thousands of years without the need of creating weird stuff to eat, so food should be wholesome ingredients from the earth. Organically grown with love and hand picked from small farms, it's a simple approach with sweet rewards. Clean dried fruit snacks that satisfy and nourish!

With four whole pitayas in every bag, Salento dried yellow pitaya chips have no added sugar, are unsulfured, single ingredient, and contain no preservatives. Just exotic dragonfruit goodness for delicious healthy snacking.

  • Organic
  • Single Ingredient
  • No Sugar Added
  • No Preservatives
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Fair Trade, Direct Trade, and Sustainably Sourced

INGREDIENTS: Organic Dried Yellow Dragonfruit.

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The Masalas
Exotic. Fun!

These were exciting. Always love tasting a new fruit!