Terra Powders Dragon Berry Tea Made With Freeze Dried Pink Pitaya Fruit Powder For Clean Food Power

A Berry Warm Winter Tea

Few things say cozy vibes more than a hot drink on a cold day. Cheer up those long gray winter days with something bright!

Dragon Fruit Blend From Terra Powders A Pink Drink For Winter Berry Tea Made With Organic Pink Pitaya Powder

Antioxidant rich dragon fruit provides a stunning pink color to everything. We love herbal teas and a scoop of freeze dried dragon fruit powder (or our very own Dragon Berry blend) perks up the winter mood with true vibrancy!

Bright In More Ways Than One

Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, is a bright idea for natural color, real fruity flavor, and all of the healthy benefits it provides.

From flu season and beyond, boosting the immune system helps your body ward off illness, and if you do get sick, immune boosters offer support in getting better faster. Dragon fruit is a superfood—super colorful and super nutritious! Here’s some of our favorite healthy reasons to enjoy pink pitaya.

So grab a bag of these bright real foods and create a berry warm winter tea recipe by simply stirring a spoonful of the clean ingredient freeze dried fruit powder in a mug of hot water. If desired, sweeten naturally with a bit of antibacterial organic honey, vegan friendly agave syrup, or Paleo diet pleasing monk fruit.

Terra Powders Dragon Berry Tea Made With Freeze Dried Pink Pitaya Fruit Powder For A Berry Warm Winter Tea

Then pick up your journal or pull that book off the shelf you’ve been dying to read and get cozy with a warm berry beverage that offers delicious taste, wholesome nutrition, and comfortable snuggly vibes in every sip. :)


Beautiful! Delicious!

Peony McWeston

They run the air conditioning so cold all summer long where I work so I’m always drinking hot beverages trying to warm up. Coffee first and then herbal teas throughout the afternoon. I like this idea and it tastes very fruit/berry-esque. Thanks for brightening up my chilly days, mid summer. 🙃

Starla Pyle-Owlton

Great idea for this hot tea needing weather.


just finished a hot cuppa :)


This was delicious!! Thanks for the recipe idea. Always love new hot tea blends and this couldn’t have been easier. Great with 1/2 tsp honey in the bottom of my mug 🍯💖


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