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Wouldn't it be great if all food was clean and wholesome?

Colorful Food Powders

Terra Powders' goal is to bring real fruit and superfood powders in a clean and convenient way for all who want to enjoy them! Also, to shed a light on the freeze-dried food industry that makes wholesome food powders.

Birthed from two people living in a food desert who wanted to try all the exotic and wonderful things out there, but needed a way to bring it to them. So, freeze-dried food powder became the means to do so, and along the way, we learned an awful truth about most fruit powders.

Most non-freeze-dried fruit powders are comprised of up to 45% maltodextrin, which includes those marked as organic! It became our mission to provide not only clean food powder but to let others know of this secret tragedy lurking in their food.

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Why Freeze Dried?

When it comes to making a clean delicious food powder—there's simply no other way that can compare.

To best understand why freeze drying is the best method for producing premium food powders, let's take a look at the alternative methods and why they just don't measure up.

  • Spray Dried Process
  • Liquid Solution Process
  • Solvent Solution Process

Right away you're probably guessing that the solvent solution process is the worst, and you'd be right! Why would you want your food doused in water with a solvent. Just, no.

Then there's liquid solution process, similar to solvent, but may only use water and involve letting the food settle over periods of time in tanks. While not as disgusting, there is lots of nutrient loss by not using the bulk of the fruit.

Lastly the least of the evils—spray drying. This involves turning food into a water slurry and adding maltodextrin (usually from corn) so that it can be dried through a high pressure nozzle and baked into a fine powder.

These bad processes involve putting additives in right at the manufacturing level. The majority of fruit powders sold at affordable prices use the spray dry process.

That means other food powders are made up of almost 45% maltodextrin when using the spray dry process!

So the next time you reach for a cheaper powder ask yourself, "Is this half processed corn anyway?"

What Is Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a highly processed and acid extracted additive put into food to thicken or dry it out. This additive is not a naturally occurring substance, but is drawn out most often from corn, rice, or wheat.

Further, most companies don't list it in their ingredient list since it's used to process the food into a powder. Despite that it can make up a large amount of the powder.

That's why we choose only freeze dried powders.

A Superior Product

Freeze drying takes fresh fruit or fruit juice, then freezes it to lock in the nutrition before turning it into a powder.

Terra Powders Freeze-Dried Food Powders Process Infographic