Wouldn't it be great if all food was clean and wholesome?

Colorful Food Powders

Our goal is to bring real clean food and superfood in a convenient way for all who want to enjoy them!

Take it from two people living in a food desert who wanted to try all the exotic and wonderful things out there, but needed a way to bring it to them. We tried freeze-dried food powder since it's so pure and locks in flavor. Along the way we learned a lot of truth about most food additives and preservatives.

Like many, we were suddenly awakened to the nasty ingredients hiding in every product we would pick up or buy online. We found ourselves taking twice as long to shop since each ingredient panel had to be examined and deciphered.

We thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to shop with a store where you didn't ever have to check labels?" How stress free that would be!

Terra Powders Market is just that—an online store where you don't need to check the labels. It's all real food, no preservatives, and no additives.

Let out that sigh of relief—this is a safe food place—and enjoy our delicious selection of good for you foods and superfoods.