Clean Food Powder Inspiration Colorful Veggie Filled Easy Fried Rice Recipe From Terra Powders

Colorful Veggie Filled Easy Fried Rice

We’re always happy to include LOTS of organic vegetables in our clean food powered life. One of the easy ways we’ve found to veggie load is to simply slice up a colorful variety and sauté.

Whether you’re serving it up with non-GMO grains or going grain free and using one of our keto and paleo friendly “rices”, this family approved dish works every time.

Terra Powders Delicious And Healthy Fried Rice With Lots Of Veggies

From Meatless Monday’s and midweek meals to “I need something fast” and no mess weekend dinners, our healthy fried rice recipe will fill your plate with colorful and wholesome foodie goodness to feel proud of.

Easy Colorful Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe Inspiration

This easy, healthy recipe idea lets you customize every time you make it, it’s way better than Chinese take out food (no msg!) and you control every ingredient.


Slice your choice of organic vegetables.

Sauté in a pan with avocado, olive, coconut, and/or sesame oil. (We usually combine olive and sesame oils for this dish.)

Sliced Colorful Vegetables For Terra Powders Vegan Recipe Healthy Fried Rice

Cook rice (or grain free rice varieties) according to package directions, this can be done using water or broth. For this recipe, we seem to favor basmati for its fluffiness. (If you want rice ready even faster than having to simmer, try our quick cook heat and eat varieties.)

When the veggies are starting to reach your desired softness, splash in some optional rice wine vinegar, coconut aminos, teriyaki, or tamari sauce.

Dinner’s almost ready! Simply stir your cooked grains into the veggie skillet and add some seasonings. Ginger is a must have flavor to us in this recipe. If you’re growing any fresh Thai basil at the moment it’s a superb garnish, but if you’re low on the freshly picked kind, our freeze dried herbs and spices are the next best thing—and full of flavor!

For a bit of sweetness in this recipe, a touch of honey or vegan agave syrup will do the trick. Just drizzle a tiny bit in and stir.

That’s it. All that’s left is to fill your plate or bowl and enjoy. Oh, and feel AWESOME eating so many vegetables in one sitting! 💪😋

Organic Basmati Rice With Veggies For Terra Powders Easy Vegan Meal Recipe

Since this recipe photoshoot, we’ve also started garnishing the meal with sesame seeds and hemp hearts for even more superfood goodness. You can just imagine your body saying thank you for the gluten free, plant powered recipe you just cooked up. 

Feel free to share photos with us and tell us how you’re customizing your healthy veggie filled fried rice recipe in the comments below.


Always looking for healthy gluten free meal ideas. This one is great, thanks!

Lori Charleston

This recipe creation is now in our own weekly meal rotation. So versatile!

Aimee & Erik

DELICIOUS! Sometimes we put the rice on the side and sometimes we stir it all together. Great both ways. Easy weeknight dinner for us!

The David’s

So good we’ve added this to our weekly menu of home cooked meals.

The Haussers

You guys always make veggies look like so much fun!! It’s pretty inspiring so keep that up-please-we all need more motivation to ‘’veggie load’’ as you called it.

V Robbins

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