Organic Almonds Growing Naturally On The Almond Tree

Did You Know These Almond Facts?

How does a snack food like this sound? Easy, nutrient rich, gluten free, organic, vegan, Whole30, keto, paleo, single ingredient, no mess, and great for on the go. Almonds are all of that and more! No wonder people have been eating almonds for centuries.

Archaeologists have found evidence in the Middle East of domesticated almond trees dating back some 5,000 years. High in protein and loaded with antioxidants, these wholesome nuts (which are technically seeds) are powerhouses of nutrition!

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Proudly ranking as one of the world’s best sources of vitamin E, almonds may be said to offer health to blood vessels, keep the skin looking youthful, and the immune system healthy.

Many studies have been done on almonds and their cancer fighting properties. Enjoy a handful a day and feel good knowing you’re munching such a powerful snack.

Nuts are great for brain health thanks to the healthy fats they contain. Omega-3’s, fiber, and plant based protein content make almonds one of the healthiest brain foods you can buy. They may also help with age related brain dysfunction.

You can even eat almonds to boost your mood and promote more stable sleep patterns. Not only does their magnesium content offer nutrition for a healthy gut as well, but it’s known as the “calming mineral”, so almonds are really excellent all around.

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From gluten free flour to peanut free cooking sauces—if you don’t want to eat almonds by the handful, try other delicious ways to incorporate this super nut into your healthy diet. For example, almond butter is awesome with apple slices, in smoothies, baked goods, and drizzled over oats. Here’s one really tasty almond butter recipe we LOVE that is totally dessert worthy.

Browse our clean food market for great almondy goodness and pick out your favorites.

P.S. Don’t miss the chocolate covered almonds. You’ll thank us later. ;)


Fantastic! We love eating almonds and incorporating them in various dishes. One of our favorites is homemade pesto with almonds.

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