Refreshing Organic Coconut Water Is A Healthy Tropical Beverage Choice From Terra Powders

Did You Know These Coconut Water Facts?

Stay hydrated this season with a fresh beverage choice that’s naturally loaded with plant power. Coconut water is making a big splash and here’s some of the reasons why everyone is going crazy for coconut.

Terra Powders Did You Know Coconut Water Infographic

Enjoyed for hundreds of years in tropical climates, this incredible hydrating choice has been a popular pick. If you’ve visited sunny cities, you may have even spotted a street vendor or two serving up this plant based water in fresh smoothies, cocktails, and other coconutty liquid libations.

Low in calories and loaded with electrolytes, pure coconut water is the drink to reach for! Thanks to its potassium and sodium—whether you’re working out, surfing, cycling, or just looking to sip and smile—coconut water offers refreshment everytime. Not to be confused with coconut milk which is high in calories, coconut water is simply the liquid found in young, green coconuts.

Referred to as “buko juice” in the Philippines, coconut water can be sipped straight or included in delicious recipes. Grab a cocktail umbrella! From a smoothie bowl to a tropical tipple, this island style hydration offers antioxidants and minerals that are excellent for overall wellness and radiant skin.

Coconut Water Spelled Out In Refrigerator Magnets

Looking for a drink that’s Whole30 and paleo diet friendly? Single ingredient coconut water can fill up your cup. Drinks with no sugar added, these exotic refreshments come in taste bud tantalizing varieties with coconut pulp included or other mouthwatering real fruit additions.

Even if you’re finishing up that spreadsheet, instead of spreading out your beach towel, coconut water can put a bit of vacation vibes into your day! 😎🌴


Need to buy more & restock our pantry shelf. Thanks for the good reminders. Seems we always drink more in this hot weather🥵


We always have pineapple coconut water on hand. Great stuff.

Gayle Vitallysen

Love those reminders and ideas😊


🤎🥥 🤎🥥 🤎🥥 🤎🥥


Coconut water is helpful with gallbladder attacks. Good potassium & aids in relieving cramps too

Gwen Anour

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