Terra Powders Healthy Lifestyle Grounding Facts Spring Gardening And Reasons To Take Your Boots Or Shoes Off And Benefit From Earthing

Did You Know These Grounding Facts?

The earth is full of nutrients. Clean food power comes from real food that’s grown in nutrient rich soil and eating this way promotes health. Did you know another way to provide overall wellness for your body is through grounding?

Put simply, grounding—also called earthing—is getting your body in contact with the earth.

Did You Know Grounding Facts Terra Powders Healthy Lifestyle Earthing Infographic

Letting your skin touch the ground can offer many healthy benefits. Grass is full of chlorophyll (the stuff that makes it green) and as we know, plants need nutrients to grow—such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Not to get too sciencey here, but the earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its surface. Our immune systems function more optimally when the body has an adequate supply of electrons. What’s that mean? When your bare skin comes in contact with the earth, free electrons are absorbed by your body. (That’s a good thing!)

Along with vital minerals, our bodies are full of water. This makes them excellent conductors of electrons from the ground. When you touch the electron enriched earth, an improved balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system can occur.

These days we live indoors in sealed buildings, working and playing on computers, wi-fi invisibly filling all of our rooms, and our smartphones almost always within reach. While these modern advances offer convenience and important shelter, sadly all too often natural grounding is interrupted by our modern world. What can you do?

Take Your Shoes Off

Whether you’re eight months old or 80 years old, earthing offers a free, no equipment needed, natural improvement to health and wellness. All you have to do is touch the ground!

Person Laying Barefoot In The Grass Grounding For Health Benefits

Take your shoes off and let those toes play in the grass. By getting your bare feet right on the ground—even for just a few minutes a day—you can take advantage of the planet’s natural energy.

Some Healthy Benefits That May Come From Grounding:

  • Calming anxiety and lessening feelings of stress
  • Increasing energy and vitality
  • Stabilizing the body’s basic biological rhythms
  • Reducing inflammation and various pains
  • Quickening healing and recovery time from surgery or illness
  • Decreasing menstrual symptoms and hormonal imbalances
  • Increasing overall wellbeing and happiness

So step outside, free your feet, let your system calm and stress dissolve with the goodness of grounding. 👣

Here’s a cool study if you want some more facts:


I remember hearing about earthing years ago. Thank you for posting this and reminding me about it. Such an easy healthy thing to do!

Fran Tarentino



🌱🌎 Hooray for the earths healing power! Earthing is so good for us. Glad to see more & more being written about this healthy & free way to wellness.


I always love you’re mini infographics!! So cute & to the point. Thanks for the grounding facts.

Natalya Squall

So glad the weather has warmed up again here so it’s easier to enjoy grounding. ☀️ Love the healthy calm process!


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