Delicious And Colorful Egg Roll In A Bowl Recipe

Egg Roll In A Bowl

Change up your typical Chinese takeout, with a healthier alternative to typical egg rolls—still with all the satisfying taste you crave. Enter...Egg Roll In A Bowl! It's all the flavor, without the fried.

Egg Roll In A Bowl With Chopsticks

This beautiful and savory meal was created by one of our fellow foodies. :) You can see her delicious food feed at The Jessica Eats.

Meals like this one are a great way to incorporate a variety of fresh vegetables into dinner. You can customize based on what's in season near you and what you have in the fridge at the time. Plus, there's no MSG in this homemade Chinese dish, and it's gluten free!

Ready to cook up this veggie forward easy Asian recipe? Here's the tasty details...

Egg Roll In A Bowl:

1/2 lb Ground Turkey, Pork, Chicken, or Plant Based Meat
1/2 of a Purple Cabbage, finely chopped
1 Onion, chopped
1 Bag of Bean Sprouts (optional)
1 Tablespoon Non-GMO Soy Sauce or Coconut Aminos
2 Teaspoons Powdered Ginger (or finely minced fresh ginger root)
Black Pepper
Rice of Your Choice (Jasmine Rice pictured and enjoyed here)

Terra Powders Non-GMO Ralston Jasmine Rice With Egg Roll In A Bowl


Start cooking the rice according to directions on box.

In a lightly greased skillet (avocado cooking spray is perfect for this), cook your ground meat, ginger, and any other spices until meat is crumbly and fully cooked.

Add cabbage, onion, and bean sprouts to the mixture and then pour in the coconut aminos. Cover your pan and continue to cook for about five minutes—this lets the cabbage steam and cook all the way through for a better texture.

Stir occasionally until mixture is thoroughly cooked and veggies have softened.

Serve over rice and if desired, garnish with organic edamame, sliced radish, sesame seeds, chili garlic hot sauce, or sriracha.

Egg Roll in a Bowl From Overhead with Radish Garnishes and Jasmine Rice

Enjoy your dinner! (Or pack it for lunch at work or to eat during a picnic outdoors.) Be sure to tag us @terrapowders #cleanfoodpower when you cook it up and wanna show off your Egg Roll In A Bowl. You can find some of the ingredients on our Clean Food Market of course, and whatever colorful veggies you're including—we can't wait to see!

Ralston Jasmine Rice From Terra Powders Clean Food Market With Asian Recipe Egg Roll In A Bowl


That is such a good idea egg roll n a bowl!


Our garden has been producing snap peas like crazy this year! 💚💚 We gotta try this recipe with some. Looks fantastic!

E&L Stonyfield

We’ve gotta try this with the jasmine rice! It looks so pretty and sounds delicious.


Absolutely beautiful!

Harriet Folkmen

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