Terra Powders Golden Cocoa Pancakes

Golden Cocoa Pancakes—Spiced Chocolate Pancakes

Our Golden Cocoa is the perfect flavor for winter-time spiced chocolate pancakes. The rich taste will make you feel like you're enjoying a specialty breakfast in your own personal ski lodge.

Ginger and turmeric are lightly noticeable and add a nice spiced taste. The non-alkalized cocoa in the mixture contributes the deep chocolate tones to these fluffy and unforgettable pancakes.

Golden Cocoa Pancakes Recipe

Terra Powders Golden Cocoa Pancakes


1/2 Cup King Arthur Gluten-Free Measure For Measure Flour
1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
1 Tablespoon Terra Powders Golden Cocoa
1 Egg
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1/2 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1/2 Cup Almond Milk


  1. Combine all ingredients and mix well.
  2. Spoon onto griddle at med-low temperature.
  3. Cook until the pancake is resilient when tapped with a fork edge.
  4. Add toppings as desired.
  5. Enjoy!!

Get a bag of our Golden Cocoa mix to cook up these delicious pancakes.

Terra Powders Golden Cocoa Pancakes On Red Plate Posed With Bag Of Golden Cocoa And Butter




Tried these and they are sooo good!


Printing this recipe to try it this weekend. Sounds delicious!


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