Healthy Benefits Of Star Shaped Sacha Inchi A Superstar Superfood From Terra Powders

Super Benefits of a Superstar Seed

What tastes buttery like a macadamia nut and contains more complete protein and healthy omega-3 oils than any other nut or seed? Sacha Inchi!

Sometimes referred to as an Inca nut or mountain peanut, sacha inchi nuts are actually seeds. Thriving on perennial vines in the pristine rainforests of the mountainous regions in Southeast Asia, this star shaped superfood has been empowering indigenous groups for millennia. Some historians have found sacha inchi vines depicted on Inca tomb walls that date back 3,000 years.

Organic Sacha Inchi Sustainably Grown On Vines

While the leaves of this amazing plant can be dried and brewed to make sacha inchi tea, the nuts are typically roasted and eaten as a crunchy snack or ground into a fine powder for amazing smoothies.

Super Health Benefits of Superstar Sacha Inchi

Nutrient dense, sacha inchi is naturally gluten free, keto, paleo friendly, vegan, and a nice addition to Whole30 lifestyles. These large nut like seeds are rich in heart healthy fats, fiber, and protein. Plus, this plant based snack contains all eight essential amino acids that our bodies cannot create on their own.

Let’s not forget micronutrients and antioxidants! Naturally occurring compounds found in sacha inchi may help in reducing inflammation and protecting the body against chronic disease. Minerals including potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc are just a few important elements of sacha inchi.

They can offer support in gut health and weight management, satisfying hunger and providing vital nutrients to supercharge a healthy lifestyle.

Organic Sacha Inchi Nuts A Healthy Superfood Snack

As the building blocks of the body’s muscles, bones, cartilage, skin cells, and blood cells—protein is an important component of every cell in your body. The super nut sacha inchi is 30% protein making it incredible for pre and post workouts.

From boosting brain function and enhancing mood to improving heart health and bolstering the immune system—sacha inchi has a lot to boast about!

How To Put This Superfood Into Your Life

Sometimes referred to as the “truffle of nuts”, this treasured superseed is rich and buttery tasting. A great alternative to peanuts or almonds, sacha inchi has savory umami tones derived from its healthy omega oils.

You can snack on them straight from the jar or include them in your favorite trail mix blends, sprinkle some over salads, or include in recipes for baked goods.

Don’t forget, the high protein in sacha inchi means it’s a smoothie powder that supports healthy exercise. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, gain strength, or improve stamina, consider adding a scoop of organic sacha inchi protein powder to your next pre or post workout smoothie creation.

Man After An Exercise Workout Drinking Healthy Protein Smoothie Made With Organic Sacha Inchi Protein Powder

Sacha inchi powder is also a super ingredient to roll into power balls for a boost of protein in your favorite energy ball recipes. Include some in homemade pie crusts, fresh pesto, and wholesome homemade soups.

This star shaped superstar superseed gets 5 stars as a must try superfood full of clean food power! 💪🤩


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