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Terra Powders Very 1st Newsletter!!!

Hooray! We're excited because we sent out our very FIRST EVER newsletter!!! It's a goal we'd been working towards and have finally achieved.

Hands Typing On Computer Keyboard For Newsletter

It's a project we'd been brainstorming. We wanted to make the first newsletter exciting, but not too long. Informative, but not blah. We wanted it to be a newsletter we'd like to receive in our own email. At a glance goodness—with a bit of healthy explanation.

Did you get a copy in your inbox? If not, wanna see what you missed?

Terra Powders First Newsletter
Four Of Terra Powders Newest Market Additions

We featured those four awesome items and why we love them so much—that's four of the 29 new products we added to our market during the month of February. 🙌

Some other delicious foods were mentioned...along with the really cool eco-friendly, washable, and reusable food storage bags we love. We talked about our mission and shared a quote we really like. 💙

Plans For Future Newsletters

Our newsletters will contain recipes, food facts, healthy tips and practical ideas. They'll keep you up to date on what's newly added to our clean food market. It's also where we'll send exclusive sales and discount offers!

We promise not to flood your inbox and you won't hear from us every day. Consider us that friend you get an email from once in a while—that one you're always so excited to hear from and learn what's new in their world! 😉

So, if you want to make sure you don't miss out, let us know and join us. Or subscribe here. 😀 And if you ever want to write back, we'd love to hear from you too.


The quotes at the end are always my favorite.

Jenn T



your newsletters are the best. we appreciate the healthy tips. and the new picture style to show newest additions is cool looking


Keep them coming!


It was great!! Thanks for being in my inbox that day. Can’t wait for future editions :) Keep it up guys!!


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