Popular Terra Powders Best Sellers 2022 Top 10 Clean Food Favorites

Top 10 Best Sellers Of 2022

When it comes to clean food, it can be hard to pick favorites since there’s so many great choices. From delicious healthy snacks and easy family meals made in a moment to immune boosting beverages and protein power ups, our clean food marketplace is loaded with favorites for all ages.

We’re even more than just clean food, we’re also all about inspiring wholesome cooking and eating at home (or outdoors) in a fresh, stylish, and fun way. That’s why we’ve been expanding our offerings of Home Goods. For example, why head out for a latte when you can barista just as well at home, save money, and have a blast doing so?! No wonder our handheld milk frothing wands and frothing pitchers are gaining popularity.

Whether you’ve shopped for real food ingredients or tools to make time in the kitchen a treat, here’s our 2022 wrap up…

Terra Powders 2022 Top 10 Best Sellers

Here’s what everyone has been loving the most this year. :) See if your favs have made the list and perhaps discover a new must try or two for your clean food life.

#10 - TruRoots Organic Quick Cook Pouches

Organic TruRoots Quick Cook Grain Seed And Legume Pouches

From a side dish at the dinner table to a great plant based lunch at work, these quick cook pouches put real convenience into meal time without sacrificing any nutrition. Flavorful, delicious, wholesome.

#9 - Kalahari Biltong Air Dried Thin Sliced Beef

Air Dried Thinly Sliced Beef Kalahari Biltong

Better than beef jerky, biltong is a lean, high protein meaty snack. Thin sliced pieces of beefy goodness (raised with no antibiotics or added hormones). Clean flavors, diet friendly, ready for adventures.

#8 - Emmy’s Organics Classic Coconut Cookies

Emmy's Organics Classic Coconut Cookies Grain Free Vegan

Truly guilt free cookie satisfaction. With an ingredient list this pure you can actually satisfy your sweet tooth while naturally energizing and nourishing your body at the same time. We call that 100% delightful.

#7 - It’s Skinny Low Carb Konjac Pasta

It's Skinny Pasta No Carb Gluten Free Noodles

Pasta dishes could hardly get quicker than this—you don’t even have to boil a pot of water. These diet friendly noodles are making meal time a breeze and hassle free. Top as desired and make it what you crave.

#6 - Laird Superfood Instafuel Matcha Drink Mix

Laird Superfood Matcha Instafuel MCT Drink Mix

Premium organic matcha plus dreamy superfood creamer that’s totally dairy free equals drink satisfaction sip after sip. No artificial ingredients, just matcha latte perfection to keep you balanced, energized, and smiling.

Ready for the top five?!

#5 - Farmhouse Style Purposefully Irregular Shaped Bowls

Modern Farmhouse Style Irregular Shape Ceramic Bowls With Handles

From open kitchen shelves to gifts for foodie friends, our artisanal dinnerware is setting the table in conversation worthy fashion. With double handles, incredible designs and colors, we're not surprised these modern farmhouse bowls have been flying off our shelves to yours. ;)

#4 - Living Intentions Activated Superfood Ready To Eat Popcorn

Living Intentions Activated Superfood Organic Ready To Eat Popcorn

Whether it’s movie night or a quick snack midday, organic popcorn creates a healthy option—especially when it’s activated superfood. Bursting with big taste and nutritionally dense ingredients, it’s flavorful snacking with no weird stuff added.

#3 - Ethan’s Daily Detox Apple Cider Vinegar Shots

Ethan's Daily Detox Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Shots

You’ll find four full teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar in these mini drink shots, so it’s a daily boost your body will love. Thanks to including high quality organic fruits, these ACV drinks are hardcore, yet smooth. It’s seriously healthy, happy sipping.

#2 - Lotus Foods Organic Heat & Eat Rice Pouches

Lotus Foods Heat & Eat Organic Heirloom Rice Pouches

Organic rice in 90 seconds just got real. Grown on family farms these heirloom grains cook up quick with an incredible texture and lovely aroma. Enjoy as a satisfying side or a convenient meal to make any rice lover proud.

And our most popular, best seller of 2022 is…

#1 - The Essential Baking Company Take & Bake Bread Loaves

The Essential Baking Company Organic Take & Bake Bread Loaves

Fresh baked, artisanal bread, hot out of the oven anytime you want. It’s now a reality. From organic sourdough to rosemary bread loaves, these wholesome best sellers are loved for their convenience, simple ingredients, and that perfect golden crust.

It’s been another fantastic year of eating delicious foods full of clean food power, experimenting with new recipes, and blending up tasty creations in true foodie fashion. Did you favorites make the top 10? Let us know in the comments below!


I think we go through at least a loaf a week of the sourdough bread. Love the ease and clean ingredients, not to mention that amazing crust and sourdough taste!

The Carlos Family

The farmhouse bowls are beautiful! Even better in person than the photos. 💙💙

Beverly Quinton

BEST Biltong we’ve ever tasted!!!

Brody & Jan

is it terrible to admit we eat emmys cookies for breakfast sometimes lol😂


Rice is on the menu tonight! 🍚 Love those organic options.


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