Bag Of Terra Powders Golden Cocoa

What Is Golden Cocoa Or Hot Turmeric Chocolate?

Many are familiar with golden milk, this warm milk drink is great for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Terra Powders Golden Cocoa is like golden milk, but with even more beneficial properties and delectable flavor.

What Is In Golden Cocoa Versus Hot Turmeric Chocolate?

Hot Turmeric Chocolate is often made almost identically to golden milk, but with the added ingredient of cocoa to make it a chocoholics drink. Our Golden Cocoa is a bit different, and better, from your typical hot turmeric chocolate or cocoa.

Golden Cocoa VS Turmeric Cocoa Terra Powders Infographic

What Is In Golden Cocoa And Why Is It Healthy?

Terra Powders Golden Cocoa is made with pure ingredients. Below we'll tell you how each ingredient came to be chosen for our delicious hot cocoa.

Non-alkalized Cocoa - While alkalized cocoa is not bad for you, it's also not as good for you as it could be. Non-alkalized cocoa does not go through the Dutch process. This process strips away nutrients like antioxidants and fiber. So by using non-alkalized cocoa, we get richer flavor cocoa, with more antioxidants, and important micronutrients. Healthier cocoa!

Raw Turmeric Powder - Many of the spices bought in-store or online are cut with fillers and additives to reduce the amount of pure spice you're buying. The turmeric powder we use is free of any additives—it's raw, ground turmeric root powder. As such, it has all the healthy anti-inflammatory benefits of curcumin along with vitamins like B6, C, iron, flavonoids, and more!

Terra Powders Clean Ingredients Cocoa Pod Beans Tart Cherries Ginger Root Turmeric Root Powder
Raw Ginger Powder - Like our raw turmeric powder above, we insist on getting only clean raw, ground root powder for our Golden Cocoa. Ginger is a great soother for the digestive tract and promotes healthy absorption. This means that you get the inflammation fighter curcumin along with ginger's ability to ease digestive issues. That's a powerful combo and we're not done yet!

Freeze Dried Tart Cherry Powder - Freeze drying fruit is one of the very few clean food means of creating fruit powders. What many companies don't tell you is that their fruit powders—even health-minded organic versions—can still be comprised of up to 45% maltodextrin or other fillers. When using freeze dried fruit powder you get all the nutrients locked in and concentrated—without the junk.

Learn more about why freeze-dried fruit powder is the best method for creating fruit powders!

As you've just read, Golden Cocoa is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and micronutrients that support wellness. It helps ward off inflammation and digestive upset. Plus it has a rich chocolate flavor that is accented by exotic spice!

Great Recipes To Use With Golden Cocoa

Golden Cocoa is more versatile than its close cousins Golden Milk and Hot Turmeric Chocolate. Our Golden Cocoa powder can be added to baked goods for rich chocolate flavor with autumnal spices and aromas. Also, you can use it in cold blender drinks, or stir some into your morning cup of coffee.

Here are some of those great recipes to use Golden Cocoa in:

Classic Golden Cocoa
Golden Cocoa Coffee
Golden Cocoa Shake

Now that you've got some great ideas to start with, and you know the incredible health benefits and flavor of Golden Cocoa—go grab a bag for yourself and start something tasty!

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