Terra Powders Winter Rose Latte Recipe Inspiration For Beautiful Floral Latte Beverage With Frothed Milk

Winter Rose Latte

As the snow melts and spring’s first little blooms appear, there’s a chill in the air that welcomes holding a hot drink while watching the shadows play tricks on the ground through a partly sunny sky. This is winter turning to spring—teasing us with all the good things this fresh new season has to offer.

Inspired partly by the delightfully ongoing quest for wholesome hot beverages and partly by one of our most popular mugs, this alpine winter rose latte blossomed. A little bit of both seasons combine in a customizable drink recipe we’re happy to share.

Winter Rose Latte Drink Inspiration

Whether you’re a hard core coffee drinker or totally a tea lover all the way, what’s under the surface of this latte is up to you! (To be honest, our team varies between the two all the time. One moment someone’s talking about caffeine and the next moment someone else is sipping something herbal.) It’s the frothy top and gorgeous garnish that made this recipe idea really come to life.


After steeping or brewing your beverage of choice, pour it into your favorite mug. Like we mentioned, the popular Farmhouse Style Alpine Mug was perfect inspiration for the winter to spring vibes this drink is fashioned after.

Terra Powders Winter Rose Latte Beverage Topped With Froth Using Rechargeable Milk Frothing Wand

It’s time to heat some milk and get ready to froth. We chose plant based almond milk for this aerated topper and by using our multispeed rechargeable frother wand, it’s simple to whip up that crema in a barista worthy way.

Spoon or pour the velvety frothed milk on top of your tea or coffee. Savor the home coffee bar moment you’re making as you put those mad barista skills to use! Next it’s time to grab garnishes.

Terra Powders Winter Rose Latte Topped With Plant Based Frothed Milk And Organic Rose Petals

Organic rose petals were the perfect pink this drink needed and they added a fantastic floral scent to each sip. You could also add organic lavender for calm or a sprinkle of cinnamon if you want to spice it up a bit.

All that’s left now is to get cozy in your chair by the window or grab a blanket and step outside to sip. Either way, your latte is ready to love…just like winter warming into springtime. Savor and enjoy.


I actually had been looking for rose beverages! This is stunning, thanks for the inspiration!


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