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Barney Butter Almond Butter Crunchy 10oz
Barney's 10 Ounce Crunchy Almond Butter Nutrition Facts And Ingredients
Non-GMO California Almonds Creamy Butter Barney Butter Crunchy
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Barney's 10 Ounce Crunchy Almond Butter Nutrition Facts
Non-GMO Barney Butter Crunchy Almond Butter Ingredients
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Barney Butter Almond Butter Crunchy 10oz

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Barney Butter

Classically crunchy—it's the original Barney Butter, but with a great nutty crunch. It was created as a healthier alternative to peanut butter, and a nut butter option to consider for those with peanut allergies. No more missing out on deliciously nostalgic PB&J sandwiches when you can make an AB&J sandwich! Almond butter and jelly. ;)

Almond butter is full of nutrition and contains important vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Why is this non-GMO nut butter so delicious and crunchy? Blanched almonds. This technique leaves the skins behind resulting in a delightfully grit free texture. The smooth almond butter is blended with diced almonds to give it that super crunchy texture you love. With a perfectly mild almond taste that is slightly sweetened with organic, fair trade cane sugar, this is a nut butter you'll find yourself reaching for over and over again. Satisfy snack cravings, add to baked goods, dip sliced fruit in, spread on top of toast, include in smoothies, and so much more.

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • No Artificial Flavors Or Preservatives

INGREDIENTS: Blanched Roasted Almonds, Organic & Fair Trade Cane Sugar, Palm Fruit Oil, Sea Salt.

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Customer Reviews

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Crunchy is so good!

Love the little nut pieces.