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Living Intentions Activated Sprouted Nuts Almonds Unsalted 16oz
Unsalted Transitional Sprouted Almonds 16 Ounce Nutritional Facts Living Intentions
Activated Sprouted Nuts Living Intentions Almonds No Salt
Apple Cranberry Cobbler Made With Living Intentions Sprouted Almonds

Living Intentions Activated Sprouted Nuts Almonds Unsalted 16oz

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Living Intentions

Almonds are known for their health benefits, and even more so when they're sprouted! What does sprouted mean? The sprouting process of this single ingredient food unlocks vital nutrients and activates enzymes that ease digestion and can increase vitality—making these a perfect choice for all day snacking.

Living Intentions activates the almonds by soaking them in ultra-purified water, allowing the nuts to come alive and sprout. Then they're slowly air dried at low temperatures to preserve vital nutrients and active enzymes.

The result? Delicious! A light, crunchy, and naturally sweet flavor, with less fat and increased healthy proteins. Sprouted nuts are easier to digest, have increased nutritional value, and offer increased nutrient absorption. Snack happily on these super tasty sprouted almonds, a healthy high energy food source.

  • Activated Sprouted Almonds
  • Single Ingredient
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Nutrient Dense

INGREDIENTS: Sprouted Transitional Almonds.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Simple snack

Such great clean snack food. You can’t go wrong with nongmo almonds.


I look for good snacks and these are definitely the ones to have. I love nuts and these will make you happy!

Ayn B.
Pure, simple, the way nuts should be.

These almonds are the way clean, real food is meant to be. Love these!