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  • Silver Stainless Steel Flour Squeeze Sifter
  • Stainless Steel 3 Cup Flour Squeeze Sifter
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  • Sifting Flour With Stainless Steel Squeeze Style Flour Sifter
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  • Squeeze Style Stainless Steel Flour Sifters And Powered Sugar Dusters In 5 Metal Colors
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Stainless Steel 3 Cup Flour Squeeze Sifter

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With flour sifting dating back to at least the 1800's, home and professional bakers alike know the difference it makes to pass your flour through a sieve. Designed to break up clumps and resulting in a more accurate ingredient measurement, sifting flour can be important to a recipe and create lighter, fluffier baked goods.

This stylish stainless steel kitchen tool is designed with a mesh sieve to sift not only flour, but also baking cocoa, confectioners' sugar, milk powder, and other dry goods used in cooking and baking. By squeezing the handle mechanism, the sifter turns. This easy to use hand squeeze style kitchen sifter allows the dry contents to fall through the sieve at the bottom of the cup—resulting in a more uniform, aerated, smoother flour for better recipe results. It's also ideal for perfectly topping desserts with a powdered sugar dusting of sweetness.

Available in five fashionable metal colors, these beautiful and chic cup shape sifters are a must have for serious bakers and everyone else who loves classic precision in the kitchen! From pastries and breads to cakes and cookies, bake like a professional and use it to make unforgettable recipes.

  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Sieve Flour Sifter
  • Easy to Use
  • Rinse well or gently hand wash with mild soap, dry thoroughly
  • Capacity: Approx. 3 Cups (375g)
  • Size: 3.7" Height; 4.13" Width
  • Available in Five Color Styles
  • Colors may vary in tone and intensity

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Customer Reviews

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Kelsie Van Houtmen
I'd always wanted to try a flour sifter...

What a difference it actually does make sifting flour before stirring it into cookies and pastry dough. I was thoroughly impressed. Plus the stainless steel shine looks pretty cool too LOL