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  • Stainless Steel Curved Garlic Rocker Press With Black Handle
  • One Hand Style Garlic Press Curved Rocker Design To Crush Garlic Cloves
  • Using Stainless Steel Curved Style Garlic Rocker Press For Fresh Minced Garlic
  • Size Measurements Of Curved Design Garlic Rocker Press With Black Handle
  • Stylish Stainless Steel Garlic Rocker Press In Modern Home Kitchen Great Gift Idea
  • Mince Garlic Easy With The Black Handle Stainless Steel Curved Garlic Rocker Press From Terra Powders
  • Plastic Black Handle And Stainless Steel Metal Garlic Rocker Press
  • Overview Design Of Stainless Steel Curved Garlic Rocker Press With Black Handle Kitchen Tool
  • Easy To Use Metal Garlic Rocker Press With Black Handle
  • Side View Of Garlic Press Holes For Mincing Garlic Quickly And Easily
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Stainless Steel Curved Garlic Rocker Press With Black Handle

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Crush fresh garlic cloves quickly and efficiently using a stylish garlic press that makes meal prep easier. This stainless steel curved rocker style garlic press is designed to be used with just a bit of downward pressure and a simple rocking hand motion. The garlic cloves are crushed through the press and ready to be scooped into your delicious recipes.

Adding more flavor and important nutrition, it's no wonder fresh garlic is such a popular ingredient in countless meals. Along with helping eliminate the experience of a lingering garlic scent from your hands, now mincing fresh garlic is finally as easy as a quick rocking press down with one hand. With a comfortable plastic handle and press made from stainless steel—adding to its practicality and usefulness—this handy kitchen tool is easy to clean and easy to use.

A simple, yet very useful gift idea, this garlic press is great in any kitchen. So get your cloves ready to include in one flavorful meal to the next! Are we too cheesy if we say "rock on"?! ;)

  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Metal Curved Garlic Press Tool
  • Durable Construction
  • Easy to Use
  • Rinse well or hand wash with mild soap
  • Size: 4" Length; 2.7" Height; 2" Width
  • Use on cutting board or block only

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Customer Reviews

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Travis T
Not bad.

Time saving. Makes sense if you use a lot of fresh garlic.