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  • Stainless Steel Mesh Loose Leaf Tea Infuser
  • Terra Powders Stainless Steel Mesh Loose Leaf Tea Infuser With Lid
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Strainer With Handles
  • Measurements Of Stainless Steel Mesh Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Dimensions
  • Herbal Tea Infuser Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Strainer
  • Small Holes For Soaking Loose Leaf Tea In Stainless Steel Herbal Tea Infuser
  • Woman enjoying tea in the sunset after using the stainless steel tea strainer.
  • Blue Rimmed Cup Of Herbal Tea With Various Loose Tea Leaves And Nuts On Linen Cloth
  • Golden Cup Of Hot And Fresh Steeped Tea In Clear Mug Outside In Golden Hour Lighting
  • Hand Holding A Mug Of Hot Herbal Tea Outdoors
  • Beautiful Cup Of Tea In Sunlight With Book Glasses And Vase Of Colorful Flowers
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Stainless Steel Mesh Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

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Freshly steeped loose leaf tea offers more nutrition and deeper flavor in every cup! Whether you prefer black tea, green tea, a more herbal variety, or just pure organic flowers like hibiscus or chamomile—a tea infuser is a must have.

This stainless steel infuser allows you to easily steep your loose leaf tea. Buy it with the lid to keep it warm at the same time! Simply add your teas of choice, submerge strainer in a cup of hot water for desired length of time (based on tea variety and taste preference), after infusion, remove tea strainer to discard soaked tea leaves, herbs, or flowers.

These make very useful gifts for tea lover's and can be enjoyed over and over again, steeping countless cups of soothingly nutritious teas of all kinds!

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Lid or Lid-less Options Available
  • Size: 2.36" Height; 2.12-2.24" Diameter Strainer
  • Rinse well or hand wash with mild soap
  • Very fine small tea bits may escape, though typical loose leaf varieties will not

In-stock items may take two to three weeks to arrive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
P. Baker
Used every day.

Most important loose leaf tea gear? This! 100%. I use mine every day,, seriously. I love brewing loose leaf so it’s a must!!


Very practical and useful.

Pinellope westinhaus
Hotter tea

I’ve been looking for this style! Definitely ordering the with lid version- love that it keeps tea hotter while steeping.