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  • Wood Collapsible Hot Pad Trivet Tree
  • Making Coffee In Style Using Wooden Trivet Tree Hot Pads Organic Home Decor
  • Wood Trivet Trees Are Collapsible Wooden Hot Pads On Stands For Sideboard And Buffet Table Decor
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  • Two Wood Trivet Trees With Collapsible Hot Pad Trivets
  • Dining Room Decor Wooden Trivet Tree With Collapsible Hot Pad Trivets
  • Real Wood Trivet Collapsible Style Hot Pad
  • Using The Trivets From Wooden Trivet Tree
  • Collapsible Trivet Wooden Trivet Tree And Natural Hot Pads
  • Size Measurements Of Walnut Wood Trivet Tree
  • Dining Table Decor Walnut Trivet Tree And Collapsible Wooden Trivets
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Wood Collapsible Hot Pad Trivet Tree

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Unique and stylish, the trivet tree is truly functional decor! Every chef knows how often they reach for hot pads and now you can bring the food hot out of the oven, right to the table for breakfast brunches, wholesome lunches, and family dinners alike. Beautiful walnut wood trivets are pot holders that make sense and add natural decor to your tablescape.

Walnut wood is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, renewable resource. Walnut is an excellent material to use for trivet style kitchen hot pads, since it is relatively durable and typically does well in response to variations in humidity and temperature. Whether you're looking for decorations to place on your sideboard and buffet table or choosing a unique gift for yourself or chef friends, the trivet tree will stand proudly.

Adding organic style and practical dining room decor to your home, durable walnut collapsible wood hot pads are an enchanting and modern addition to any kitchen countertop or table. Grab individual wooden trivets or the complete trivet tree set (with three trivets and the tree stand) to hold your favorite homecooked dishes and enrich your space all at the same time!

  • Walnut Wood Trivets and Trivet Tree
  • Available in 3 options: Single Trivet, Two Trivets, or Three Trivets & Tree
  • Eco-Friendly
  • When needed wipe clean with damp cloth
  • Wood grain and color tone will vary
  • Trivet Size: 7.8" Diameter
  • Tree Size: 4.3" Diameter; 10.6" Height
  • Size varies due to individual hand crafted style

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