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  • Bee's Wrap Sandwich Wrap Honeycomb
  • Healthy Sandwich Wrapped In Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap With Cute Bee Button And String Bee's Wrap Brand
  • Bee's Wrap Is A Natural Alternative To Plastic Wrap
  • Reuse Beeswax Wrap Again And Again Wash And Air Dry Bee's Wrap Food Wraps
  • Foods Stay Fresh In Durable Easy To Use Easy To Clean Bee's Wrap Food Storage
  • Sandwich Laying In Bee's Wrap Honeycomb Print Beeswax Sandwich Wrap With Wooden Button And String
  • Sandwich Wrapped In Bee's Wrap Sustainable Plastic Free Food Wrap For Lunch On The Go
  • Tortilla Wrap Lunch And Beeswax Bee's Wrap Sandwich Size
  • Kid's School Lunch Outdoors Wrapped With Love Using All Natural No Plastic Beeswax Sandwich Size Bee's Wrap
  • Making Healthy Packed Lunch Using Honeycomb Print Sustainable Bee's Wrap Sandwich Food Wraps
  • Healthy Fresh Food Snacks And Bee's Wrap Beeswax Sandwich Size Wraps
  • Person Making Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich To Wrap In Beeswax Sandwich Wrap For Packed Lunch
  • Two Wrapped Sandwiches In Honeycomb Print Bee's Wrap Sandwich Wraps Tied With String And Wooden Button
  • What Is Bees Wrap Made Of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Beeswax Jojoba Oil Tree Resin How To Use Bee's Wrap
  • How Long Does Bee's Wrap Last Natural Scent Of Beeswax Food Wrap
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Bee's Wrap Sandwich Wrap Honeycomb

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A sustainable lifestyle is all the buzz, and for good reason! Good food comes from nature, so why wouldn't we use a responsibly sourced, all natural product for our food storage?! Inspired by bees, Bee's Wrap is a simple solution to plastic pollution.

What is Bee's Wrap? A healthy, plastic free alternative for food storage. Made with GOTS-certified organic cotton, tree resin, and organic plant oil this biodegradable food wrap offers a more sustainable way to take food on the go.

How do you use bee's wax wrap for sandwiches? Lay the wrap flat as you build your sandwich. Fold the corners in, then wrap the string around the cute wooden bee button. When it’s time to eat, the sandwich wrap acts as a nice placemat for easy, crumb free cleanup. Bee's wax coated cotton cloth can be rinsed as needed or washed in cool water with a natural, mild dish soap. Simply air dry.

With a cute honeycomb print, this sandwich size Bee's Wrap is ready for lunch, wrapped with love. Just right to pack sandwiches for school lunch, work, and all sorts of weekend adventures. A true kitchen essential, and excellent housewarming or hostess gift, it's clean food storage you can feel good about!

  • Beeswax Coated Cotton Cloth Food Wrap
  • Bee's Wrap in 13" x 13" Sandwich Wrap Size
  • Wooden Button and String Included
  • Rinse clean, drip dry, reuse
  • Avoid hot water and exposure to heat
  • Sustainable, Washable, Eco-friendly
  • 100% Biodegradable and Compostable

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T Gladstar
More than just sandwiches.

These are great for sandwiches but for plastic free wrapping other snacks too!