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  • 1 Natural Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowl
  • Coconut Shell Bowl Holding Pink Pitaya Dragonfruit
  • Natural Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowl Topped With Granola
  • Beautiful Real Coconut Shell Bowls Perfect Dishes For Summer Party
  • 2 Natural Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowls
  • 3 Natural Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowls
  • 4 Natural Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowls
  • 5 Natural Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowls
  • 6 Natural Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowls
  • Fresh Salad Served In Natural Coconut Shell Bowl
  • Terra Powders Healthy Smoothie In Natural Coconut Bowl
  • Eco-Friendly Dish Real Tropical Coconut Bowl
  • Bottom Of Real Coconut Shell Bowl Natural Eco-Friendly
  • Real Coconut Shell Bowl
  • Terra Powders Natural Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowl
  • Fresh Mint And Summer Watermelon Served In Tropical Dishware Real Coconut Shell Bowls
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Natural Coconut Shell Smoothie Bowl

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Put some tropical vacation vibes into your day! Real coconut shell bowls eco-friendly dishware and conversation worthy serveware. From summer picnics and backyard cookout snacks to fresh salads and delicious fruits, coconut bowls set the scene. Like eating at the beach on that perfect sunny day! You can almost hear the waves. ;)

Whether you're throwing a luau party or just want to warm up with dreams of Hawaiian shores, now you can make all your smoothie bowls Insta-worthy with our naturally eco-conscious coconut shell bowls. These are a great size for the hand, easy-to-hold, and perfect for enjoying your favorite healthy treats indoors or out.

  • Coconut Shell Bowl
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Real Coconut
  • Hand Wash
  • Size: 4.5"-6" Diameter; 1.7"-2.5" Height
  • Pattern of coconut grain and color tone will vary.
  • Size and capacity varies due to natural shell shape.

Product packaging may vary. In-stock items may take 10-20 business days to arrive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
C. Wimmer
Not just for smoothies

Everybody seems to talk about coconut shell bowls for smoothies - and while that’s great and I use them that way too - they’re not just for smoothies y’all. Try serving salads in them too. And snack foods like organic popcorn, chips or nuts. They’re durable and perfect for lunches out on the deck

Casey Akkur
True smoothie addict must-haves!!!! 🤩

I've been looking all over for these! So glad you guys brought them back to the shop. 1 bowl was not enough and I needed more! LOL I was tired of drinking my nutribullet smoothie blasts in those giant cups that send the whole thick smoothie slamming down at your face and shirt as you try to sip 😜 you know what i mean right? LOL The coconut bowls are AWESOME though and now i pour my blasts into the bowls to enjoy and no more face-covered-smoothie experiences 😂

fennel coldwell
great gifts

these have made the best gifts for my health conscious smoothie loving friends! we all make daily smoothie bowls & these are such fun to photograph.

Fun smoothies in coconut bowls

These have made smoothies more fun

Toneka L.
Definite inspiration for smoothies!

I love these!!! 🥥